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UVC Sterilizer

Shivani Lab Equipment manufactured 'UVC Sterilizer' (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Cabinets) are easy to use and ensure complete sterilization of the equipment. These cabinets are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliable and sterile results. Our UVC cabinets can kill the virus and bacteria without any requirement of heat or chemicals. It kills them by destroying their cellular structure and its DNA- (Its fundamental building blocks). Thus, ensuring that there is no more replication of the microorganisms. The sources of UV Sterilization can kill over 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi in a very short period.

Features :

  • 99.99% sterilize, non toxic.
  • Door closed sterilizing
  • 360 degree disinfection.
  • Auto-off when the lid is open, ensuring user’s safety.
  • Inbuilt Electronic timer to switch off UV exposure.
  • Germicidal UV-C replacement tube for the purification of Air and Surfaces

Available sizes :

UV C Sterilizer cabinets are available in 2 models:

  1. 24 litres ( 14 x 11 x 10 ) inchs
  2. 52 litres ( 20 x 14 x 12 ) inchs
  3. Industrial / Commercial Use - Size & Power Can Be Customized As Required

Applications :

The primary use of this cabinet is Sanitization

  • UVC Sterilizer can kill 99% of germs within 10 seconds from your things like mobile phones, key chains, wallets, etc. The UV light is completely safe for your devices and does not harm your belongings.
  • UV Light Technology can kill food-borne pathogens from the surface of the fruits. The UV light does not affect the chemical or the physical quality of the fruit.
  • Safely clean & disinfect your Disposable Mask, Safety Goggles, electronic devices like mobile & watch. Baby products, Denture, Small Instruments, Pipettes, apron Outer layer of food packets, Wallet, toys, handy items, Saloons & Parlor Tools and many more Handy Items

Technical Specifications :

  • Light Radiation High intensity ultraviolet light with peak intensity at 254nm for highly effective disinfection.
  • Power - 22 W / 32 W
  • Shape Linear T5, T16.
  • Average lifetime 9000 hrs / 11000 hrs
  • Ozone-free
  • Linear double end Lamp
  • Voltage: 220 V AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase
  • In-built Timer pre-set for 60-120 sec's or more.
  • 'Limit Switch' helps to prevent UV rays from infecting eyes or Skin from radiation
  • Control Panel : Electronic timer with soft video alarm to indicate when the UV Sterilization is ON

Product Design

The outer body is available in 2 different finished materials :

  1. CRCA Mild Steel – Duly powder coated
  2. Inner 304 Stainless Steel - Duly mirror finished

Safety Measures

  • Door Limit switch is interlinked with UV Tube light to prevent any infection to skin and eyes.

Product Family Datasheet

Working principle of UV-C tubes in the cabinet.

UV-C radiation has a photolytic effect on DNA, micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds, yeasts and virus cannot replicate. The purification effect is obtained with wavelengths below 320 nm, with maximum effectiveness at 260 nm. HNS germicidal lamps emit light at 254 nm, about 85% of maximum effectiveness, and are ozone-free.

Product benefits
  • Effective, environmentally friendly purification without chemicals
  • Long lifetime due to specific coating
  • Perfect ballast and lamp fit
  • Very low mercury content
  • 100% RoHS-conform
  • Lead-free
  • Ozone-free
  • "Made in Europe"
Product features
  • Single UV-C peak at wavelength of 254nm
  • High efficiency (30% UV-C output)
  • Non-Ozone generating
  • Soft glass tube
  • With UV-C transparent long-life coating
  • Without fluorescent coating
  • Low pressure Mercury (Hg) discharge lamps
Air & Surface purification

Ultraviolet (UV) purification is a very effective method to clean the Air & Surface of biological pollutants such as bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. UV germicidal lamps & tubes can be installed in ventilation ducts to clean the air passing through them. UV air purification is more economical and efficient than other air filtration and cleaning methods.

For wide range of air & Surface purification / disinfection in:
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors' practices
  • Clean rooms
  • Offices with or without air-conditioning systems
  • Cars
  • Storage rooms
  • Food processing
  • Rooms with frequent public access
  • Animal stalls

Note :

UV irradiance 253.7 nm measured at a distance of 1 m at mid-lamp level, at 20 ° C ambient temperature, free-burning. Between 0.3…3.0 m, the irradiance is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

Warning :

PURITEC® HNS® (UVC) lamp classification according IEC/EN 62471 (photo biological risk): Risk Group 3

The radiation from PURITEC® HNS® lamps poses a health risk. It can cause conjunctivitis and erythema (sunburn) after only brief exposure. The skin and eyes must be protected against direct exposure. Suitable protective clothing must therefore be worn in rooms that do not offer direct protection. If germicidal lamps are used to purify rooms in which food is kept the relevant food regulations governing the use of germicidal lamps must be followed. UVC lamps are not be used for General Lighting application.

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